Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Week 1 In MTC

My preparation days ("P" days) are Tuesdays while in the MTC (Missionary Training Center).
This first week has been hard but good.  I've been assigned as a District Leader and when our district doesn't do very good I feel it's because I'm not doing a good job. (Prayers welcomed ~Mom~)  My companions name is Elder Towel.   
~Elder Brady~

Mom's notes:   Elder Brady, didn't send any photos this week.  I'm sure he's still getting the hang of things and to be honest I'm not sure he knows how to upload the photos to email yet.  LOL my bad for not teaching him this.  Trust me the 2nd Elder Brady will know how to do this before he leaves.
We did get word from a friend who is working at the MTC that he saw Elder Brady and he is doing good.  His emails were short.   I'm not sure if this has happened or not but I'm guessing they don't have a long time to be on the computer and if there are a lot of emails to read then I will be a big challenge to read them all and respond.  He can only read the emails on his "P" day. However he can receive snail mail everyday.  I know little sister has mailed him a letter everyday and I can only imagine this is a huge help to him as it gives him a little something to read through the week.  Please keep this in mind when you are trying to contact him.

Here are a couple Airport photos:

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