Wednesday, April 6, 2016

District Temple trip and 1st Blessing

So here are a few thing that i haven't shared yet the first thing is that i have had the opportunity to give a blessing to one of the Sisters in my district her name is Sister Westercamp but before i did i asked for a blessing from my companion Elder Towle i asked for a blessing of strength and faith because I had been struggling with it that day because of one of our teachers, but after the blessing, I had an abundance of faith. And then I was able to bless Sister Westercamp, It was very humbling experience. Now I will be able to answer a bunch of your questions. First, the food is Ok, but not the best. Second, the missionary schedule is nice and I am adjusting to it very quickly. I was chosen to be the district leader by the branch president and his councilors.  I have exercise time every morning, I either play basketball or workout in the gym. I get to go to the temple every "P" day to do a session, last time I was able to do an endowment session with my whole district. It was the coolest thing ever.  I don't need anything that I can think of but I will defiantly let you know if I do.

 Temple Trip with Elder Brady's District Maybe????

 Elder Brady finds someone he knows   HI Brady Shanklin!!!!

 Elder Brady and his companion Elder Towle maybe this is an investigator. 
 Name Tags of those Currently in Elder Brady's District

 Provo Utah Temple! 

Notes from MOM  ;)   Some of you reading this blog are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, so some of the details in the letters Elder Brady writes might not make sense.  

This past week he was ask to give a priesthood blessing, something he has never done before.  We believe that blessings of healing can be given through the proper priesthood authority, which Elder Brady now holds.  When he turned 18 He was old enough the be given the Melchizedek Priesthood.  We believe that all keys and authority to have this priesthood were restored through our prophet Joseph Smith and has been handed down through the generations to those worthy to hold it.  IF you want to know more just ask us, we will do our best to answer all questions you might have. 


  1. I love you! Keep up the good work, the faith and believe in yourself! Know that it's okay to fall into this amazing & life changing expierence, letting go of all insecurities. Know that you always have been and always will be an amazing person. This mission and every experience along the way will lay out a path for you that will lead you to an incredible future!
    Love, Co

  2. Awwww I'm so proud of this fine Elder!

    Nickolas Hujtyn

  3. Awesome stuff!!!! Love reading about your experiences!

  4. Awesome stuff!!!! Love reading about your experiences!